About Us

About Us

Corporate Overview

RainyBits is a pioneer in Digital Transformation of data, process, analysis, decision making, predictions, and automated responses. Rainybits harnesses powers of digital assets, smart sensors, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and location intelligence to help businesses and organizations around the world to accelerate the digital transformation.

  • Quick Response Time
  • Price Sensitive
  • 24/7 Hours Support
  • Certified Professionals
  • Stringent QC
  • On time delivery

RainyBits is led by people who share the same vision and passion for a better and brighter future. Collectively, we have 400+ years of international industry experience designing and building world class software. Our well defined and robust processes, out-of-box solutioning, dedicated and ring-fenced teams enabling seamless integration with customers, and availability of our account managers on 24 X 7 basis to address any business continuity challenges are a few of our key differentiators. Rainybits has offices in Kochi, India, and California, USA.

11 Years of

IT Business Experience

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Our focus is on becoming a leading center of excellence, specializing in the development of affordable and cutting-edge software solutions. We leverage technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, and Location Intelligence to deliver innovative products. Additionally, we aim to provide comprehensive digital marketing and ecommerce solutions, catering to both B2B and B2C markets. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for businesses, offering a wide range of services in these areas.


To be a world recognized accelerator of digital transformations of data, process, analysis, decision making, predictions, and automated responses within businesses and organizations towards a more efficient and sustainable world.

Our History

The idea of Rainybits started to take shape in small drawing room of one of the founding members.

A few likeminded software professionals got together to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
Subsequently, Rainybits was formally incorporated and registered as a Private Limited Company in 2014.
Started a dedicated R&D and Centre of Excellence for our client, a major technology solution provider in Utility Management in the US. Our product support and R&D for them continues till date.
We have since added IoT based solutions, Cloud Infrastructure management solutions, QA and Testing solutions and AI & ML based solutions as our service offering.
Added IoT, Cloud management, QA solutions, AI/ML services to offerings.
A very recent addition to the service offering is in e-commerce solution domain.
Our digital journey continues....