Portfolio Info

  • Client : GIS
  • Category : Web & Mobile App
  • Year : 2018
  • Location : USA

Portfolio Info

Project Requirement

Client needed to develop a product that would enable city municipalities to monitor the health of the water distribution and utility assets over a Map Integrated web portal. The product would allow users to keep track of any updates in asset status and work orders created by on-site personnel in real-time. Additionally, the portal would enable user to create and delegate work orders to field crew members. The app would allow user to control the parameters used to display various data metrics in the portal.

Rainybits Scope

Rainybits deployed development and QA team to build different components of the product. This entailed one team building the front-end portal using Silverlight and Angular, while another team created a backend system which connected to the central data repository and provided the data to the front-end through Web APIs. Another team developed services that can be installed at client environment to fetch censor data and update the central server.

Technology Stack

Development Environment: Agile with 2 week sprints

Frontend Tech Stack: HTML, Silverlight, CSS, Javascript, Angular, ArcGIS JS libraries
Backend Tech Stack:
Framework: .Net Core, .Net Core MVC, Silverlight, SignalR
Programming Language: C#
Data provider: Postgres, ArcGIS Server
Security: HTTPS/OAuth, JWT Token, Custom Data Encryption
Logging: Log4Net
Data Access: Entity Framework, DotConnect driver for Postgres
QA Automation: Cypress
Cloud Services: Amazon S3, RDS, AWS ELB, EC2, IIS
Other services: ESRI Maps, ArcGIS Online