Portfolio Info

  • Client : ZDMP
  • Category : Web & Mobile App
  • Year : 2020
  • Location : USA

Portfolio Info

Project Scope

ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform offers several software tools and services (SaaS) so that Manufacturing companies from different industries can use those tools. Client is building and contributing products to the ZDMP Platform so that the Consumer companies / manufactures can use those via an integrated marketplace. Client approached us to create a webportal application which is integrated with several components available in ZDMP platforms and deploy that to the marketplace.

Rainybits Scope

We built React app to list the users and access their own 3d models. Also integrated the Keycloak service from ZDMP platform for user Authentication. React app can submit such 3D models to one of the ZDMP components called NDI to optimize the 3D structure. Integrate one other ZDMP component called Message bus for future integrations (This is a RabbitMQ based communication module) We created all configurations, Helm and Rancher files to support them to deploy the app to the ZDMP marketplace.

Technology Stack

Frontend Tech Stack: HTML-5, CSS-3, JavaScript, React,
Backend Tech Stack: Spring boot, Hibernate, Java
Framework: Spring, Keycloak
Architectural pattern: Microservices
Programming Language: Typescript, Java
Data provider: MySQL
Security: JWT, Oath2.0
Logging: Log4J
Integrations: ZDMP Platform component integrations
Containerization: Docker, Docker-Compose
Cluster deployment: Kubernetes, Helm Chart, and Rancher
Message queuing: RabbitMQ integrated with Websocket plugin
Source control & CI/CD: Gitlab
Other Technologies: Augmented Reality 3D Viewer JS libraries