Portfolio Info

Client is an edtech company who is providing various education related services to students who wish to prepare for their academic curriculum or competitive examinations.

  • Client : Talentspire
  • Category : Web & Mobile App
  • Year : 2021
  • Website : www.talentspire.com
  • Location : Kerala, India

Portfolio Info

IT Development & Management

RainyBits is development partner for all software development for developing various modules. RainyBits is also ensuring that their applications are getting continuous enhancement by adding more functionalities and creating different offerings. The support is being provided for last 2 years and is continuing as a dedicated service. Few key modules developed are listed below:

Setting up of a dedicated subdomain https://shop.talentspire.com/, with option of packages to choose based on the class grade. Desired course program can be added to cart and checkout on the go, after making online payment and instantly activating the package.

Developed new functionality called “Assessment Module”, enabling the unit test module exams accessible to every school, with configurable dashboard wherein respective subject teachers can create new tests – subject wise, class wise.

Defined various roles and permissions for each user – Super Admin, Principal, Class Teacher, Subject Teacher, Students.

Integrations – Payment Gateway, Email Service, SMS Service

Performance Enhancement:

Client faced problem of efficiency in some of the previously developed modules which resulted in various impediments to the services being offered. Client asked RainyBits to review and suggest enhancement to ensure performance is not hampered due to scalability and increase in user base.

RainyBits analyzed the existing configuration and redesigned the architecture by implementing Containerization of various services for better load management. We also did load testing by JMeter and other standard tools to ensure that all functionalities work without any glitches (upto 50,000 concurrent users).

Developed “Scholarship online program” which facilitates the client to conduct competitive examinations nationwide with 50,000+ students in a year.

Rainybits built the portal https://exams.talentspire.com/ with features of self-registration of students, practice tests option, self-login at the exam time and check the results online.

Technology Stack

Frontend Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, .NET AJAX
Backend Tech Stack:.NET Core, .Net MVC. .Net Web API
Language: C#
Database : SQL Server
Containerization: Ingress, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm
Others: Quartz.NET, Azure, RabbitMQ
Payment Gateway: RazorPay