Portfolio Info

  • Client : GIS
  • Category : Web & Mobile App
  • Year : 2019
  • Location : USA

Portfolio Info


Client wanted to build a web-based outage solution that would enable city municipalities to simulate water line breaks and can view recommended actions to be taken to bring back the water distribution to normalcy. The system would operate on a user-friendly wizard model that guides users through the outage event simulation, resolution steps and provide customized action plans based on the specific outage scenario. Client wanted ways to notify the possibly impacted consumers about the outage.

Rainybits Scope

Rainybits deployed the dev team to design and implement a seamless front end and then a backend API to consume the simulated data coming from simulation modeling systems. QA team wrote scripts to cover various outage event testcases. The approved code was published to staging and production environment by RB over Azure CI/CD pipelines. Project used Azure Devops to manage sprints and used Git to manage repo.

Technology Stack

Development Environment: Agile with 2 week sprints
Frontend Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, ArcGIS JS libraries
Backend Tech Stack:
Framework: .Net Web API, SignalR
Programming Language: C#
Data provider: Postgres, ArcGIS Server
Security: HTTPS/OAuth,JWT Token, Custom Data Encryption
Logging: Log4Net
Data Access: Entity Framework, DotConnect driver for Postgres
QA Automation: Cypress
Cloud Services: Amazon S3,
Other services: ESRI Maps, ArcGIS Online, EPANET